Game Types
Monster Hunt
Huge for 1-16 players
Play Styles

This map brings you to the city of West-Byesridge Located on the NEG Planet Indiaca. A city which has been overrun by an outbreak like no other, Only a while ago, this city was bustling with life. A city now only inhabited by a few survivors, and the endless f***ing hordes of living dead.

And that's where you'll be going, forget all you knew from those zombie movies. These monsters will be just as fast as you, if not faster, take your shotgun, your grenade launcher, chainsaws and rifles.. What? You heard me. You were expecting shock-rifles? Go, Kill or be killed.. And eaten.

Tags: horror monster zombie

Revision History

  • Test Version v0.9
    • Released: 4/21/2012
    • Added: 4/22/2012

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