Game Types
Medium for 6-16 players
Play Styles
Close Quarters, Manhunt

Dark, murky, muddy, bug-infested swamp.

Angelheart: "Darksniper did all the hard work on this, anyone can make a map if they don't have to worry about the difficult bits. All I did was to lay it out and throw in some textures. Besides doing all the pathing and re builds he also added some nice little finishing touches, and did a great job of cleaning up, what I know from Murkwood, was a pretty difficult map to deal with."

DarkSniper: "Bots may be a little slow. But this map just begs to be played slowly. I have not found any errors but they may pop up. DO NOT GO PRONE IN THE WATER! You will get stuck and/or die. This is an engine bug and not a map bug. You have been warned.

Thank you Angelheart for allowing me the opportunity to work on this map. As always it is a pleasure.

Oh yeah, everything you love about the map, Angelheart did. Everything you hate about the map, just say I did it. :)"

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/2/2002
    • Added: 8/13/2009

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