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Medium for 6-14 players
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A DOM map conversion of Myscha's DM-Deck16][.

Many DM maps can be converted to Domination with just a few tweaks. Deck16][ is a classic DM map, and so I thought I'd convert it to a DOM map so that Domination fans can enjoy the map in their favorite game mode. Deck16][ really shines as a Domination map because the translocator is enabled by default, and you can just fly like a trapeze through this wonderfully open map.

The Control Points cater to three different playing styles:

* The Control Point in the Dead End is very defensible, and players who like to have their feet solidly on the ground will enjoy the battles to conquer and defend this Point. The goop gun will come in handy here. When you assault this Point, be careful since there may be a bot or two camping in the shadows on defense.

* The Control Point on the catwalk over the Slime Pool is for players who have mastered precise mobility; they will enjoy the thrill of walking the tight rope above the deadly slime, and they can translocate with such precision that they can translocate exactly to this Control Point without falling into the pool.

* The Control Point on top of the Boxes in the central area is the main focus of contention. This Control Point switches hands the most, and the best way to defend it is to translocate on top of the high boxes where the shock rifle is and guard it from that vantage popint. This is the Control Point for fast action, and players who like fast paced deathmatch will enjoy fighting around this Control Point.

Changes from the DM-Deck16][ version:

1. Added Control Points
2. Tweaked bot paths for Domination gameplay
3. Added a PlayerStart or two
4. Rearranged weapons & ammo & items for Domination gameplay
5. Added a crate or two
6. Tweaked a flickering light
7. Modified Level InfO

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 1/20/2000
    • Added: 10/7/2010

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