Game Types
Large for 16-32 players
Play Styles
Long Range

An outdoor arena with a large center spawning building surrounded by vine-coverd pyramids. The entire playing field is submerged in water.

Ever asked yourself - damn dled all the maps but when comes the best in the world of all times? Now - the time has finally come! This map isnt your everyday fly-curse-laugh trip much more like a real life experience.

You must start with the other nasties in a spawn room and escape to find the way of the unreal soldier.

Dont think once you checked the hidden underwater entrances the game remains the same! Instead its just about to start and seduces you in all its challenge levels.

You dont need online players - the ai gladiators will call you their true master if you succee.

Remember: PlayStyle = SurvivalStyle - KillStyle

Note: The full ChaosUT mod is required.

P.S.: Last Changes:
- Monsterskins increased (512x512)
- A few tricky design enhancements

Tags: None

Revision History

  • v16.0
    • Released: 12/2/2012
    • Added: 12/3/2012
  • v15.0
    • Released: 12/19/2011
    • Added: 3/16/2012

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