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Welcome to the LocoZone my friends - leave behind all good advises by parents teachers and even vicars! All what counts in this is frag or being fragged. Its another war dimension scene with a huge ruined building complex in a mystical outworld.

The map was originally named WasteLandWar and made for the NightsEdge UT mod. It was changed from dark realistic to more unreal warzone like with a few optical enhancements. I also added a brain- melting soundtrack which I once found in some unreal downloads.

Also added are the spanish UT2004 anouncer replacement and the UnrealMayhem M16 rifle. I recommend to try this one with stuffswapper as start weapon only and fully armored. If you dont like the small firstperson mesh open the file in the UEd and increase playerviewscale under the inventory properties abit. But dont forget to save the file correctly (check showpackages)! These and many other tricks are also findable in the my great UT cheatorial text.

Thank all resourcers for making this outstanding gaming possible!

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 5/2/2012
    • Added: 11/12/2012

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