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Large for 4-20 players
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A large military complex set in a rocky jungle. Part of the complex extends down into a deep gorge and is accessible from both topside as well as down past the waterfall at it's entrance.

I viewed all TO maps and their major map addons but they all looked different - just TacOps style. But suddenly I came acrass this pearl originally by Tomas "SweDalg" Dalgart and found it looked rather misplaced in TO! So I concentrated all of my braveness and converted it completely to UT deathmatch.

The geometry is nearly unchanged except invisible ladder stairs here and there. And of course the absolute deathmatch suitable pathweb with lots of weapons and action. Thank you so much SweDalg for this unique map and feel invited to join the real UT.

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Revision History

  • v2.0
    • Released: 2/7/2012
    • Added: 3/13/2012

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