Game Types
Small for 2-5 players
Play Styles
1on1, Close Quarters

Cradle of Valkyries is an open-air map of vine-covered walls and an ancient power source emitting from below the ground.

The map uses the same black/white version of the "Ancient" textures I made for DM-Gorgon quite a while ago. Furthermore, some features you might know from AS-FoT-Chronoshift are also included, as well as at least one brand-new effect. ;)

Another thing, you might have already guessed it, is the performance.

Once again, poly-counts exceed the "magic border" of 1000 in some spots, and of course, various particle effects and deco meshes are also present.

Therefore, I've monitored the frame rates on a few differents systems, and I'd suggest some sort of dual-core CPU to run this map fluently. For example, a notebook with Core 2 Duo T7100, 2 GB RAM and GeForce 8400M had no drops below 30fps in a 4-player-game.

For some more details, have a look at the included TXT file. And by the way, thanks to milb and FrozenDozer for the spontaneous beta-testing.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 4/28/2010
    • Added: 8/18/2011

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