DM-Funnel II evo II


Medium for 2-20 players

This map is based on my map beta_Funnel_II_evo. The architecture consists of two _evo maps joined side by side with one of the maps spun through 180 degrees about the vertical axis. Some of the components had to be removed/remodelled to enable this. I also changed the nature of the cutout below the sniper platform - making it easier to spawnkill! I changed the range of all the sniper rifles so they can hit anywhere within the map (did this on _evo but forgot to say so). Hmmm, and I managed to resist the urge to up the fire rate on the sniper rifle. ;-)

Happy fragging.

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Revision History

  • Test Version v1.0b
    • Released: 1/12/2006
    • Added: 5/31/2009

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