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In 23098 Xillora's has shifted its rotation due to her natural period of 2303 years. That moves The Ghalron's String relatively away from The Old Summit. The False Gods convinced natives of Xilora to build another one, because there's no pleasure without Galron's String - very strong and rare EM pulse from the core of Sekhin that some can used as a halucinogen supstance which helps them to achieve temporal wake. Sekhin is an X-pulsar whose Ghalron's String except of Xillora falls onto just one another planet - Decipheus far in the third arc of the galaxy. You can see Sekhin too - looking right up.

"Now you are above The Old Summit.
Now you must face your destiny.
Now the stakes are higher.
Now it's your eternity."

"Taesum Chponicles - Chapter 103"

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