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Medium for 2-8 players
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Set in a Condemned area of Old Chicago, two of the older buildings still stand, falling apart and collecting dust, Liandri Corp. Stumbbled onto this land cheap and comissioned Ghostwheel to clean it up for DM matches. Mainly designed for snipers this map also has all the weapons and plays fine as a reg DM, the map is old and was made when a 700mghz pc was top-o-the-line stuff, so the insides of the buildings are pretty plain, but the overall layout makes up for it. I recommend this map for 1v1 online matches but it can easily handle up to 8 players and bots will play the map but human opponents utilize the layout much better.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 6/24/2002
    • Added: 9/7/2004

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