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"Those who lie alone do well to remember the eternal darkness when they hear footsteps in an upstairs hallway or shufflings on the stair, or see the curtains stirring when no breeze blows, or watch the shadows shape themselves in a dusky corner near the end of a long hall. Tregeagle remembers."

Spooky huh. . .Tregeagle was a ghost who was sentenced to an eternity with living. Due to him being a ghost, he was witness to many a horrible incident. And it was actually because of him that a man was found guilty of feeding his servants and wives and even his children to his wild dogs. Finally people became suspicious after he married for the eighth time, and had nothing but belongings to show for his previous family/s. When approached he swore "the ground will shake before I am found guilty." The ground shook. It was tregeagle.

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