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You are a member of an elite team chosen to infiltrate a remote (and almost overlooked) enemy fortress. Intelligence has chosen this night, the Solstice, the longest night of the year, to send your team in under the cover of darkness. Upon arrival, move quickly... Our ships sail at dawn.

The fortress houses the pumps which supply power to an enemy controlled dam residing over the next ridge. Your team must shut down the pump generators in order to disable dam control systems. This will release the flow of water and allow our ships access to the enemy base.

In order to gain access to the fortress, you will need to locate a toxin suit and destroy some of the pipes supplying pressure to the base. The pipes can be located through an underground cave system which opens into the moat. Once destroyed, the steam pressure will fall and the locking mechanisms on the doors will cease to function, allowing your team access to the fortress.

Once inside, you must gain access to the rooftops, where the pumps are located. Depressing two levers inside the fortress will open all remaining gates to the structure, including the main drawbridge, and the gate to the elevator tower.

Shut down the rooftop pumps and generator power will cease, disabling the dam.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 12/27/1999
    • Added: 4/3/2003

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