Game Types
Vehicular CTF, Greed, Titan
Medium for 6-28 players

Abrasive 2 is an arena type map that has a lot of elements designed to create an intense UT3 VCTF experience. It is essentially a large, enclosed arena with the flag bases directly opposite each other. A long center platform and catwalk above separate the two. The spawn areas are protected; do not enter your enemy’s spawn area unless you want to die. Also do not hide in any spawn area with a flag or you too will die and the flag will be returned.

Abrasive 2 is part two of Abrasive 1. This biggest changes are NO MORE HellBenders and NO Music. Those were far and away the two biggest complaints about Abrasive 1. Tons of other tweaks to balance the map too, you'll see.

I drew inspiration from some of my favorite arena maps, ArenaOfJolts, FeelGoodInc, AnarchyHallsCoda, and ShoeBox. Much respect to those maps and their mappers. Many hours of fun and enjoyment those maps provide.

The goal of Abrasive it to take elements of the aforementioned maps and blend them together creating a new experience:

* Fast Paced
* Deployables
* Trick jump friendly (w/ boots)
* Strong defense possibilities
* Strong ways of breaking through the defense
* Map looks good for an arena map
* Map is optimized (culling, reduced lightmaps where needed, collision, etc.)
* Not too big of a file size
* Bots can play it pretty well

Yes, there is a stinger but it is midway through the map so it is less likely to take down a flag carrier that just grabbed the flag.

There are some spiders that are on the catwalk above everyone letting you drop a spider bomb where you choose. :)

There are also an X-Ray and LinkGen deployables for your enjoyment.

Thanks to the guys at, their server is why I made the map in the first place.
Special Thanks: Solarsys, utlawgiver, UltraNoobKiller, my8os, snake, and faithferhad for their inputs. Sorry if I missed anybody.

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Revision History

  • v2.01
    • Released: 10/27/2011
    • Added: 3/19/2012

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