Game Types
Vehicular CTF
Large for 20-32 players
Play Styles

Epic's WAR-Torlan converted to VCTF.

PC and PS3 versions available below.

Changes in v1.2.4
* Updated Kismet/Matinee for gun turrets in main bases. Both turrets now strafe properly.
* Moved Redeemer from bridge to top of tower.
* Moved Berserk from bridge to sub-base under bridge.
* Added portals to connect bridge with tower top.
* Added portals to connect Nemesis sub-base to main base for both teams.
* Added MapPic screenshot for Instant Action.

Changes in v1.0.9
* Replaced pickups on top of bridge tower with UDamage & Invisibility pickups
* Deleted all Warfare power nodes.
* Deleted 2 Red Team & 2 Blue Team Mantas.
* Deleted mid-base gun turrets & defense actors.
* Added 1 Red Team & 1 Blue Team Viper, DarkWalker, Nemesis, & Fury.
* Changed the 2 mid-map scorpions (under the bridge) to neutral.
* Added 2 neutral Scavengers across the creek from the neutral Scorpions.
* Added 1 Redeemer to middle of the bridge.
* Added Super-Health under the bridge.
* Replaced Red Team & Blue Team power cores with Red Team & Blue Team Flag bases.
* Comments: I cannot seem to get the turret tracks for the primary bases' turret guns to * work properly. I'm just too new to UnrealEd, I guess. For now, I deleted the track nodes & Kismet sequence. Turret guns can still rotate, pivot, zoom, & fire, but they can't strafe across the tracks. To compensate, I added an additional Stinger Turret to the primary bases' side wall.

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Revision History

  • v1.2.4
    • Released: 9/7/2009
    • Added: 1/19/2011

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