Game Types
Unreal Warfare
Large for 6-24 players

Sunrise Canyon (FINAL) is a UT3 warfare map made with many aspects that should hopefully yield good and balanced matches.

I almost put in a couple StealthBenders but instead hid some deployables throughout the map. Spiders are up by the radar dishes, not eay to get unless you have boots and know how o jump-pad launch with boots and use some air control! ;)



  • Added jump pads to attack enemy base from top (on the rocks).
  • Added 1 more manta to each prime node.
  • Removed manta from crystal cave.
  • Removed back wall of prime rear entry.
  • Added vehicle blockers to help prevent vehicles to get on dock in primes.
  • Tweaks to bot path network.
  • Fixed bot paths to cores.
  • Added preview screenshot.
  • Added Manta at Tank node.
  • Cicada moved to center node.
  • Removed jump pad from center node to Udamage and Berserk.
  • Added warfare team portal at tank node low area.
  • Added tank blocker so tank cannot get up on dock by primes.
  • Fixed misc missing meshes.
  • Fixed a lot of Spider Mine and Shaped Charge "dud" spots.
  • Moved AVRIL at bases.
  • Lowered max flying height for flying vehicles, and is softer instead rigid blocking.
  • Shock Turrets replaced with Laser Turrets (and increased move accel rate).
  • Added more dynamic team textures to Tank node.
  • Removed glass from windows on Prime nodes.
  • Tweaked jump pads in Center node to roof.
  • Added teleporter from base to crystal cave.
  • Added teleporter down from platform above base main spawn area.
  • Added one more entry (window) to Prime.
  • Changed Cicadas to Raptors.
  • Fixed some player starts facing wrong direction
  • Fixed bug behind prime nodes with redeemer not damaging nodes.
  • Fixed missing collision to structure in bases (next to Eradicators).
  • Lots of tweaks to item placement.
  • Much smaller fliesize (reduced to 44.9MB form 60MB!)
  • Optimizing - using simpler meshes where appropriate & sharing assets.
  • Many performance optimizations, lightmapping and culling.
  • Many geometry and collision optimizing.
  • Many texture optimizations, shadowing & got rid of a lot of one-time use textures.
  • Added some foliage.
  • Added large rocks to aid orb runners from base roof, and to provide cover for the open field.

Thank You:

1XTreme, 3D Buzz, AngelMapper, Azimuth0001, Barr, BeyondUnreal, BubbleDamage, cr4zyb4st4rd, darkelf, Darkn3ss is QnL, DarkSonny07, Dickbird, Epic Games, Epic Games Community, FK_Nero (Snake12), evilmrfrank, Flak, Holesing, Hournces, Littlerme, Mr Evil, PenPen86, p00p_chuter, SkaarjMaster, Solarsys, Stevie’s Corner, The Last Team, TheVoid34, UDN, UnrealPlayground, V3rm0uth.eXe, Waylon-art, Wikkid!@#$%, Willhaven, Wormbo

Extra special thanks to Wikkid!@#$%, Barr, and Dickbird!

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Revision History

  • v3.0
    • Released: 12/3/2012
    • Added: 12/4/2012

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