WAR-Reverse TD Robots Vs Cultists


Game Types
Unreal Warfare
Medium for 6-12 players
Play Styles

You start off in the cube. You're the masterminds behind your color's army. Inside each cube is essentially a platformer game in itself where you search out weapons and trade them in for upgrades. Attacking the Vortex with rockets, flak balls, and shock balls will increase the spawn rate by +1. There are 3 processing plants that will accept your guns. Rocket puts you into the Cicada, Shock Rifle spawns a turret on your side of the map, and Flak cannon will spawn a wave of bots. There is also a cross that takes the damage. Shooting it to the threshold will spawn a bot with a particular weapon depending on the damage received.

This was originally a CTF map, but bots spawned from the Actor Factory like to defend their base instead of going to steal the other team's flag. Hell, for all I know this has already been done before. But it was fun to put together!

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 5/4/2011
    • Added: 6/2/2011

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