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Unreal Warfare
Large for 22-24 players
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"When the first Skaarj mothership arrived on NaPali and spread death and terror on the surface of the planet, a lot of Nalis fled in the lost valleys of the Araja Mountains, searching for the power of the sacred crystals. But mountain passes became dangerous, infested by strange and obscure creatures, and no one of those who left their houses ever came back. Now, only the wind that blows in these valleys still remember the sound of their lost chants."

This is a remake of my UT2004 map ONS-Araja. I tried to stay true to the original gameplay/atmosphere as much as possible. The map features a custom music track by Simone 'MrFerroni' Ferroni.

Changes in Second Edition:
- fixed blue team not getting the orb
- fixed central bridge collision error
- fixed collisions near the core, no more camping problems
- fixed missing killing volume in a canyon near the blue base
- fixed problem with folder structure in the zip package, you're now able to extract the map to your UTGame folder
- re-uploaded (v1.2) to fix a problem with map screenshot

NaPali is back!

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Revision History

  • v1.2
    • Released: 5/22/2009
    • Added: 5/28/2009
  • v1.1
    • Released: 5/22/2009
    • Added: 5/26/2009
  • v1.0
    • Released: 5/11/2009
    • Added: 5/12/2009

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