Medium for 6-10 players
Play Styles
1on1, Close Quarters

The area of death is typically what has happened to all the people under the yoke of the Liandri Robotics Corporation. After remaining inhabitants abandoned the people in their slum, the LRC has developed leaving the crime and anarchy to settle in the slums of the city. The LRC did not take seriously the growing crime, as these enclaves will manage any lost only and thus avoid unnecessary costs. But when the LRC wanted appropriating places (especially for biological weapons laboratories), the mafia leaders united to keep their stronghold. The guerrillas that followed was bloody. Today, even if the LRC has resumed his duties, only laboratories were recovered and the stigma of the guerrillas are still present. The few remaining inhabitants of the area devastated Darktown want to stay away from fighting Liandris drones who do not hesitate to eliminate any threat. The train station is not abandoned, but the train does not stop most, be careful when you are on the way!

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    • Released: 8/14/2009
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