Medium for 6-10 players
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This map's based on a level originally developed by me for UT99, named DM-DantesPlayground. It used Quake 3 textures and was probably my last map for that game. I considered it my finest work to date at that time. I remade DantesPlayground for UT2k4 and called it DM-Dante, which got some pretty good reviews and comments for people. The layout was somewhat similar to the original, but I modified it a lot and the textures used were from Hourences pack, so it had a more industrial/abandoned theme. This latest iteration for UT3 looks like UT2k4's version as far as theme, and again the layout has changed again quite a bit.

A PS3 version is also available below.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/15/2009
    • Added: 9/19/2009

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