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Feel a bit uneasy? Something watching you, maybe? When the Rockets starts flying and the Bio Rifle fills the air with poison, you'll soon forget about the unease of Curse, or will you?

This is my UT3 version of DM-Curse map, not a remake but based off UT99/UT2k3/4 you may know and love.

Those people who don't know this map, you may like to know the following. Curse has three hidden places that contain power-ups (Shield belt, UDamage) or weapon caches (look for uneven walls, paths that may lead to a dead end and fake walls. The weapon, ammo and amour placement are from the UT99 version with the Link Gun opposite for slightly better flow. If you get to close to the Reaper, things my become blurred (intended effect).

I did this map a quiet a while ago after giving the whole gaming scene a rest, but came back to polish it up. This map used to be called DM-Curse5-1, so you may see it else where with that name. The main things that have change are; the name, texture alignment fixes and better posts for the mini-gun area for more consistency.

PS3 version is also included below.

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Revision History

  • v2.0
    • Released: 9/3/2009
    • Added: 9/16/2009

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