DM-Tempest X / X2


Medium for 6-10 players
Play Styles

Both these maps are a remake of the original Tempest from Unreal Tournament (1999). This is my first attempt at a more professional quality map. I've been working on this map since late November 2007 I've also redone the music from the original level to really bring this classic map back to life!

Tempest X is reveresd in the X axis to give the map a fresh perspective. Tempest X2 was created to look more like the original. There are many subtle changes that I did with the layout to improve level flow, and to make the level more open. The music I created was also based on the original soundtrack to complete the remake. This has been a major project for me, and I hope you enjoy my map!

I wanted to create another map using the new engine, and decided to remake Tempest instead of creating my own map from scratch this time around. I figured that having a solid reference would help me to focus on the new visual style, and not have to worry about the map layout or weapon placement as much. I tried very hard to keep the layout and visual style close to the original, but made many minor changes that I feel make for better gameplay. There are many holes cut through the walls so that it's much harder to hide from your opponent, and I've placed the chest armor in an alcove so that there is higher risk involved. Overall the weapons placement and powerups are very close to the original design I've also created the custom music for this map (PC Only), and tried to make it sound similar to the original while still keeping the sound unique. This has been one of the biggest projects I've ever completed, and I'm very happy with the way it turned out. My next map will hopefully take much less time... ;) I hope that you'll enjoy my maps!

Map is available for PC and PS3 as a pack, or each map separately.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/19/2008
    • Added: 3/21/2008

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