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Capture The Flag
Large for 16-24 players

A map that represents a laboratory style visual theme set in the future, where plants and vegetation are being grown and cultivated. An outside view of the map represents a smog filled urban cityscape to counter the visual sci-fi/botanical theme that is evident in this map.

The map is quite large and would be best played with 24 players - weapon placement can feel a little sporadic but this is to encourage full use of the map, which will make sense the more you play (although I may fix this anyway!). There are lots of arrows and visual references about the direction to go in - this is because it has three floors and full use of the map is required to get from one base to the other. While disorientating at first, after your first game you'll get used to it. Don;t get too frustrated - once people got used to it and the circulation through the map, they really enjoyed it...but it just needs a game or two to find it's stride:)

A few aesthetic fixes will be made in v.1.1 but this will be a few blocking volumes and changing a few textures (like the animated walways that don't move you:)) plus some more weapons but generally that's it.

Thanks to Andreas G, Andreas O (both designers in the games industry) and the epic forums dudes for the help - still more to be done but would ratehr get my next map out then come back to this - need a break from it.

Hope you guys like it and give it a chance - it sure was a lot of work:)

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/31/2012
    • Added: 4/9/2012

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