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Medium for 8-10 players
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Built near one of the poles of a classified celestial body with the intent of studying various different aspects of gravitational energy, the Gravis research campus sat empty for years following political fallout over the bloated budget scope of the project. The facility would be used only 7 months every 2 years, due to extreme temperature shifts during a large part of the planetoid's orbital cycle. Both to appease the opposition in the New Earth Government and as a means to offset project costs, small adjustments were made so the facility's main hub could be locked off for highly lucrative tournament play.

Initially this was my entry for HOLP4. But then life happened to everyone involved, and things came apart. Still, I wanted to finish this level since I'd already put so much effort into it.

The reason I built this level, or, more accurately, the inspiration for me to create a level like this comes from a few different sources. One of my favourite custom UT99 CTF levels (sadly cannot recall or find it these days) was a level that 2 buildings face each other, with the enemy flag visible from your own base, but not directly accessible. I loved the concept of this, and while I've attempted this setup quite a few times, it never really came to fruition, until I saw the second source of inspiration for this level: UT3 retail CTF-Vertebrae.

The level struck a chord with me and despite the fact that I really didn't like the gameplay of the level, the whole setup of mostly vertical gameplay appealed to me a whole lot. Then one night it really materialized inside my head and I started chipping away at the big BSP block. The end result is the culmination of way too much time spent trying to refine the space and finding the right aesthetic for it, but seeing as this is a spare time project, I'm kind of happy with the way this whole thing turned out. I hope you enjoy it too.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/6/2011
    • Added: 3/8/2011

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