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Small for 2-32 players

One of our inhouse mappers (who wishes to remain anonymous, since it aint exactly portfolio material ) picked up a silly idea on the Titan boards about making an uberspam map and actually went through with it while he was bored. Three hours later under an enormous amount of laughter, ONS-SPAMBOX was born. And to everyone's surprise, the map worked quite well with large (32) player numbers.

Key ingredient to SPAMBOX is the use of severely crippled nodes. 0.5 seconds to get one up, half the health (from a normal node) to take it down. To add a bit more spam, each team has one tank and one manta at their disposal with a 70 sec spawn delay for the tank, 50 for the manta.

Bit much you say? Wont the match be over by then? Nope. As said before, ONS-SPAMBOX actually works quite well with its diamond nodesetup. I've seen rounds last for 10 minutes with both cores drained to the extreme...with 32 players. Ow, and without any system lag! (Opteron 250, 2 gigs ram)

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 5/23/2006
    • Added: 5/25/2006

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