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Large for 6-16 players
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Set on the dried outskirts of a lush jungle continent, two factions clash in fierce combat for control of a major communications tower and its adjacent power supply. With the dam holding back the waters from the nearby jungle, the dried out riverbed running across the battlefield allows for an easy attack route into enemy territory and could provide a decisive victor with ownership of the enormous Comm-tower as the reward.

This is a remix of my favourite of all Onslaughts, Torlan. My goal was to fit the balance at the end of a torlan match. Adding a Shoc-Tank near each base provides a new aspect of defending... Of course I put some in a few more 'specials' as well.

My first step in mapping so please dont kick my ass for this one ;) I'm very interested in some feedback.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 4/5/2005
    • Added: 5/22/2006

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