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Huge for 28-32 players

Zenith is an extremely large level for upto 32 players. I have designed it with the aim of doing away with what I hate most in Onslaught levels; the indesicive standoff at the end of a round. Therefore the last node in a setup will often hold a leviathan or be far away from the main base so that once the attackers get it they have a good foothold. This makes for excellent battles as you cannot make loads of mistakes, wait for the standoff and then make a huge comeback, there are very few. I have also engineered it so that the nodes cannot be directly attacked from all angles, this shifts the emphasis towards fighting each other instead of one team shoots the node, the other tries to stop them. Another big difference between this and other ONS levels is the absence of fog, this gives the graphical effect of being ontop of the clouds like I wanted at the cost of frames per second. There are however, plenty of antiportals to make up for this but because of the open nature of the level you need a powerful PC to get the most out of it, nothing less than a 2Ghz and Geforce4. Just for fun I have added the Dragonfly fighter plane, a little known vehicle which can be used by any human player, it is very hard to master but much fun to drive, I have provided plenty of airspace to fly it in. For those who have never driven the Dragonfly there will be a tutorial on my website www.markbarton.co.uk on 19/9/2004.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 9/18/2004
    • Added: 9/18/2004

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