Game Types
Huge for 16-28 players
Play Styles
Long Range

This frozen valley is now a regular part of the tournament. Watch the treeline and watch your back. With any luck, you come out of this arena the victor. This map is roughly the size of Dria. It has 9 nodes and 8 internal link setups. You'll be fighting it out in these wintery valleys during the night.

ONS-DryIce-SE is an updated version of ONS-DryIce.

-Fixed ammo loads at weapon lockers
-Added a closed door at front of the power cores
-Added cornas to all the light posts
-Added blowing snow on parts of the mountain
-Added an ONStelepad for nodes near the center with a new Manta spawn by them
-Added health pickups at certain nodes
-Added a UDamage pickup on each corner of the map near the bases
-Added a shield pickup on top of the towers
-Overhauled the RoadPathing network (bots dont dump their vehicles as often now)
-Added various design changes here and there to parts of the map
-Changed the lightning in the map a bit

Note: There is both a UMOD and non-UMOD version of this map below.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 8/20/2004
    • Added: 9/1/2004

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