Medium for 2-5 players
Play Styles

Small and sterile with a rustic "garden" feature at the center, this map is mostly symmetrical in appearance with a lot of vertical space you will find yourself shooting up a level and then ducking behind cover. Item placement received a lot of thought, the big powerups are in the center of the map, forcing you to come out of cover to get at them.

There are two versions of the map included, the normal map itself and a low detail (LD) version. The low detail version is useful the file is greatly reduced from 13MB to just 2MB. It also has a reduced number of polygons total, no volumetric fog, lower shadow details and a less detailed skybox.

Bot pathing should be adequate, they use the jumpboots to reach the top, but they also take the lift or walk up all the ramps if they have to. If you rebuild pathing, you will break the path link to the belt, to fix it move the brush which cuts the beam, rebuild geometry and pathing.

I think that's everything covered, enjoy!

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 5/16/2013
    • Added: 6/8/2013

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