Medium for 4-20 players

::I assure you, all emitters a.k.a. Effects show in game without issue. When taking screenshots, sometimes they are not visible. For Example: The teleporter in PIC#5 is only missing in the screenshot.::

I wish the screenshots could speak 100% for themselves. They speak of how hectic and epic this gameplay must be, yet if you were to jump in and experience it... The gameplay is actually very balanced, collected, fair, and symbiotic. Navigation is easy and strategic. Measurements cater to the player's method of attacks and support the movement it takes to achieve their plan.

Aside from that, I have only one last thing to say, and it's very worth knowing. Most jump pads in the map can be used with air control to allow an alternative landing. But you'll never see more than 2 options, and they may take you through initially unforeseeable routes. Keep this in your arsenal to juke enemy's attempts. It's like the secondary fire to your UT2004 weapons. Jump pads allow you a secondary option, but with your movement. You'd be surprised what you can do with air control in this level.

---There ARE weapons placed in this map. FULLY SUPPORTS DM and other gametypes. For the purpose of showing the layout and everything else as clearly as possible without the obstruction of the pickups, these were screenshot inside the Team Arena Master gametype where there are no spawned items.

Why is this great for Team Arena Master?:
First of all, Longest Yard has been a Brute in the TAM server map selection; Standing alongside the popularity of Under and Cheops. So we know it's enjoyable and fitting for UT2004 already. But when you add twice the amount of everything, as I did, and in the right ways with the right tweaks and small additions, then you have something extra great, more balanced and fair.
- Spawn points have even been altered specifically for TAM!
- 10 are on one side. The remaining 10 reside among the structure of the other section. Half are told to only spawn the red team. The other half, separately placed in the other section, are told to spawn only blue team (with this alternating each round). There IS one acception I made that that, intentionally. Each round there is a chance that one player from each team will spawn at the lowest part of the map facing one another about 15 feet away. This is the duel scenario I set up. However, you can quickly enough escape right or left to choose between a jump pad that launches you out of the area, or a teleporter.


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Revision History

  • vFinal
    • Released: 5/28/2013
    • Added: 5/29/2013
    • Changes:
      • The map hasn't changed much in appearance from the screenshots above, but very very important tweaks have been made to make everything work seamlessly now.
  • v1.0
    • Released: 5/26/2013
    • Added: 5/28/2013

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