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First there was Dm-NudeBabes for UT2003, a simple map with some sexy girls on the walls. Then there was a much better map with vehicles called DM-BeautyBabes, made by *Blaze*. Also a few other improved versions we played on the BloodyBeauty server, but all with sexy bikini babes on the walls. This version has NO ladies in it and what you see is the history of Unreal that is hanging on the walls. Game play is very fast and good, the bots always use the vehicles due to the built-in VDM_AI_Package.

There are lots of movers and lifts in the map, and many snipe places. I assure you that you can have a lot of fun with this map. Just put 8 or 10 skilled bots in it and play. You will find out what fun is in UT2004!

This is the second version of the map, fixing a bug that was in the first, and is probably my last contribution to UT2004 -- the finest game I ever played.

I used the unreal editor and 2 photo programs and there are new static meshes and new textures in this map.

Fliegenklatsche for the BB logo.
Blaze for the first version of this map Dm-BloodyBeautyBabes and the floor and wall textures.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 1/1/2002
    • Added: 3/21/2013

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