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Medium for 2-10 players
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A medium sized map consisting of vehicle garages, upper ramps, hallways and secret areas. Visitors are not allowed in the maintenance areas without proper escort.

I have tried for several weeks, nearly 3 months to be exact, to contact House Of Pain to ask for his express permission to alter his original map. After all this time of sent emails and PM's, contacting old friends of his or just anyone who thought they could help me, I have been totally unsuccessful. In some cases email and PM'ing were turned off. By my reckoning, he has not been active on any sites for several years. I truly hope he and his are healthy and doing well.

HOP deserves a huge amount of credit for all his hard work and efforts in constructing the original map as well as all his past contributions to the mapping community. Without his work, the revisions I have made would have been impossible. Should he ever return to the UT community and find that his map has been altered, I hope that he understands the dilemma I faced and issues his understanding and permission. If not, I will do whatever it takes, and is reasonable, to make amends to him and try my best to make it right. In that case I would offer my most sincere apologies.

Because of the situation I find myself in, I have altered my own copyright / permissions standards to include a five year limit, in hopes that some future map maker will not have to face the same unpleasantness. These standards are listed below. This in no way absolves anyone from adhering to the HOP requirements as stated in his original ReadMe which accompanies this download.

Where are you Ian? We desperately need your map making skills.

Revisions made: (By subAuthor Perry "HTM~BullyBob" Wilson):

- Created an access doorway to the rear garage areas on the center ground level.
- Created upper walkways to the rear garage areas.
- Extended and added to the connecting tunnels.
- Created an inaccessible outside area in the rear garage.
- Created two jump pads and connecting passageways to the original center garage area.
- Extended the "secret" area with a connecting passageway to the rear garage oil pit.
- Added necessary Bot pathing to new areas.
- Various revisions to original geometry to match revised geometry.
- Added weapons pickups and ammo to revised areas.
- Added Super shield and super Health to rear garage area.
- Added adrenaline to entire map.
- Added extra health vials and standard health pickups.
- Added "secret" clan room accessible by Shield jump or Goo jump.
- Added lighting, textures, meshes, etc. To match existing environment.
- Other various minor revisions.
- Added specific ReadMe for new revisions.

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Revision History

  • v3.0
    • Released: 12/5/2010
    • Added: 1/24/2011

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