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Large for 6-12 players

This mysterious temple was found during the journey of Columbus when he returned from America. The story goes that when Columbus and his crew entered the temple a lot of them disappeared mysteriously.

There is an old Inca tale that says that the temple was home of the power of the gods, and that anyone who wanted to steal this power, will be sent straight to hell and he will be tortured for 1000 years.

This is the RE version of DM-Mystiq. I made these changes based on some advise I got from online games. I'm really happy with the final result, and I think the map has been improved.

Changes between the first version:
- Changed day into night
- Reworked the RL-area
- Changed the roof
- Changed the weapon layout
- Added the jumppad
- Added an easter egg!
- Small cosmetic changes

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 8/29/2007
    • Added: 8/30/2007

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