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Small for 4-6 players
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A small map with an old ruin surrounded by rock walls.

I wasn't satisfied with some parts of the map. For example, the passageways to the sniper positions and weapon positions. With the changes I made the map got smaller, but I think better suitable for a 1on1 Deathmatch.


- The two rocky passageways to the sniper positions have been removed. The "sniper positions" are now accessibble through one passageway, starting at the old Flak Gun position. Underneath the plateau runs a tunnel to give an extra connection between the two sides of the map.

- To the right of the tower (bearing in mind that the Damage Charger is on the north side of the map) I added two gateways to make the map less open. Other parts of the ruin have also gotten extended or changed.

- All weapons have gotten new positions: Flag Gun - Tunnel; Minigun - "Sniper Positions;" Shock Rifle - Left side of Ruin; Link Gun - Between the two gateways. Because it's a small map, it didn't feel right to have six different weapons. Therefore I decided to remove the Rocket Launcher and the Classic Sniper Rifle.

- The Super Health Charger has a new position. It's now hidden away under the stairs leading to the Super Shield charger. The amount of Health Pickups has been changed from 10 to 5.

- And of course I made numerous other changes to the terrain, meshes, actors and level info. SCREEN4.jpg in the screenshots map shows all the changed parts in the map.

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Revision History

  • v2.1
    • Released: 8/6/2007
    • Added: 8/6/2007
  • v2.0
    • Released: 3/29/2005
    • Added: 8/3/2007
  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/29/2005
    • Added: 3/30/2005

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