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This is a UT2004 update to my original 2019 map inspired by the movie Blade Runner.

WARNING: This is not a playable map. It is called DM in order that it shows up in the map list. This is released as is. There are broken things all over it, and its full of half formed ideas. Just like the mind that created it :) Its a walk around slide show. Or maybe even fly around.

Well this is just another attempt at Blade Runner. What you find here has been around untouched for almost a year now. I have learned so much more since last looking at this that I now dare not even go in and look to see just how bad it is. I had no intention of releasing it, but after Buffy asked for the umpteenth time I thought that it actualy was a great waste of effort and no fun at all on my part not to inflict this tangled mess of ideas on whoever might be curious enough to spend the time on the DL :)

There is just about every bit of BR memorabilia I could find on the net included in it somewhere.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 11/19/2005
    • Added: 12/22/2006

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