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Well this may be my last map for UT2004, I forgot to put a map description in the map. The fire extingiusher will bounce and move around, but not online. I am tired of trying to figure stuff out from secondhand "tutorials" online.

Tried to make a ripper useing a slightly modified flak skin. Also put in my low smoke sniper with slightly faster refire rate.

I didn't totaly test this online so lets hope nothing major is wrong. Just got that F.E.A.R game, but am keeping old UT, it plays better.

Before people tell me it is so un-decorated, again just like my quake1 redos I wanted this to look very close to the UT version,I should of added more, I know. Thanks to whomever uses map for thier server and or checking it out. (feel free to use the modified weapons, just copy and paste in your map, mainly the sniper, and you need to also cut and paste the ammo for them to work)

In UT2004, you MUST set bots to "adept" for bots to use lift jumps. I allways test my maps on skilled, they wouldn't do it. Then I looked in the code and has "extracost=100" if skill less than 4.

One more thing, this map has a total of 631 polys. But just for fun I used some antiportals and 5 zones. I find by optimizing a map wich really didn't need it, the FPS stay rock solid, not fast or slow but allways the same.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 1/8/2006
    • Added: 4/13/2006

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