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More than two years have passed from my last release, DM-VerticalFactory2 (finalist at Make Something Unreal Contest), and now it's time for my first.

DM-AscensionDay is for 2-6 players and for a classic deathmatch type game. Even if I have received many e-mail by DM-Ghoul's fans about a remake of this level for ut2k4 (and I've started it), I decided to create something completely new, but with an atmosphere/structure/gameplay that remember it. The result is this Ascension's Day, a map with a personal style inspired by a fantasy/gothic theme and a frantic action with a lot of Z-fights. Those who played my maps know that I like giving them a sense, and not to create a simple place where one can play.

So, about the environment, there is a contrast about the weather (a sunny day, typical for an ascension) and, for example, the evil presence inside the red crystals (they are below, where the spaces are darkest and choking). The atmosphere at first sight could be joyful, but the appearance covers a more obscure reality. Following this concept I have tried to create an idea that influences the gameplay in an original way, and I hope you will appreciate it (it's a surprise ;).

The construction of the level took me a long time, first because of my studies at university and then because I have tried to improve my skills with Unrealed and other programs I have used. At last, I'm satisfied with the result, because I think it's quite original for many things (gameplay, architecture, etc) and it shows all my passion in creating worlds and architectures.

I hope you will appreciate it too. Enjoy the map :)

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 2/26/2006
    • Added: 3/14/2006

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