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Once upon a time, some company broke physics and made people fight in it. And that time was NOW!

Relativity is a milestone in custom content as it allows mappers to create environments where they have complete control over gravity for the first time ever in an Unreal engine game. The map is primarily a showcase of this system, but also features solid gameplay and well-themed design. The development kit gives mappers all the tools they need to create their own environments with ease, and coders the ability to extend it for their own mod's custom weapon projectiles.

This work stems from a mutator previously prototyped which allowed for walking on all surfaces in standard UT2004 maps. Whilst this is pretty bug-free and feels like normal UT movement, there are a few things to be aware of.

- You will most likely get stuck from walking or become slippery at some point. If this happens, just tap your jump key and everything should return to normal.

- When walking down slopes, you will move a bit faster and with less control.

- Bots are completely unsupported until I can find interested AI coders.

- We've also included some extra code embedded in the map to make all the weapons and pickups black and white. You won't see this if you're playing as a remote client, but it's not really that important anyway.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 10/25/2005
    • Added: 10/24/2005

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