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Tiny for 2-3 players
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On the Earth-like Planet DXM44L, the Izanagi Corporation built a giant weapon manufacturing complex to reinforce their troops in the war gainst the Liandri Corporation. So it became a tactical important target to Liandri. After a not really surprising, but very effective attack of Liandri, the complex was almost completely destroyed. Just a few buildings are still there. This is where you start battle. In one of the last buildings that survived the devastating attack of Liandri. But even this building had some damages, but they were fixed with a concrete construction. Now, everything is ready for you. Let the battle begin.

This map is a Rankin-Style 1on1-map. I've been told that the gameplay is very good. Try it!

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Revision History

  • v1.3
    • Released: 1/6/2005
    • Added: 1/17/2005

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