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UPDATE! Scaled the map so it is no so crammped! Exact replica of DM-Deck16][ from Unreal Tournament. EVERYTHING is the same. Everything. The item placement, the textures, the brushes, the sounds, the music, EVERYTHING. Even the Jump Boots and Ripper are back. AND NOW...THE HI-RES TEXTURES FROM THE UT:GOTY CD2 ARE BACK! WOOT! This is not some bogus port of Deck17 retextured to look like Deck16, this IS Deck16. This is not even loosely based on Deck17. It was copied and ported directly from UnrealEd 2. In fact, I can not even take credit for it because it is so much the same. All the credit goes to the original author, Elliot 'Myscha' Cannon. And for any of you that are wondering if this is legal or not...IT IS! Since when were you not allowed to edit official maps or use official textures and sounds?

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 11/23/2004
    • Added: 11/26/2004

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