Medium for 2-10 players
Play Styles

Isolated arctic facility now used for the tournament.

This would be a port/remake of the old ut'99 Map, dm-IceToxin by Anton "MaxModule" Wiegert. I realized there was alot of wasted space in the original and decided to use that space to increase the "size" of the level a bit more.

One spawn room requires you to crouch to leave it.

All sounds, texture and static meshes are contained within the map. I want to thank [N6]Terrbolt for the help with a few custom textures (crates and metal shade textures) and Thank [N6]Creeping Death for numerous explanations and answers to questions along the way in my introduction to mapping. And Thank You Anton Wiegert for the original map that I spent so many hours playing in Unreal Tournament '99. Music is from the original map and the Author is unknown.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 7/21/2004
    • Added: 7/28/2004

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