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An old Mansion In WW2. This is Based very loosely on the opening sequence in the Manga movie Urotsukidoji, which I first saw many years ago. I was recently ill for a couple of months and this is what I did to take my mind of it. I have a little 1.8 mhz machine and it struggles a bit in some areas. But then Game play and frame rates were the last thing on my mind while making this, as is quite obvious from the lack of flow and great amount of meshes crammed in there.

The female model, in all its forms is based on the Studio Maya, Maya Doll model for Poser 5 Web. Thanks to them for releasing her to the public I drastically reduced her polys and re-textured her, but she's still way to dense for a UT mesh. But then don't you get tired of those low poly pointy feminine models that hang around in Most games :) Many of the textures are from the texture Monk collection. If you want realistic textures then these are by far the best sorce out there. Way ahead in price and quality. Thanks to them for giving me the opertunity to be over extravigant in my choice of textures :)

There's quite a bit of hidden stuff and things to do in there so get your use key ready. I have been running it with all the bots set to the Panzer Cop (Fuse Kazuki) model by Airmoran. This looks great in the setting :)

This is just a fun level, so please treat it as such. However, if by chance you happen to have a mega machine and find it playable as well then that's even better. I had a lot of fun peicing it together, and I hope you have fun exploring it =)

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 7/23/2004
    • Added: 7/25/2004

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