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A collection of Halo themed maps, vehicle additions and upgrades, skins, voicepacks, and team symbols, created for HaloUT by some of the best and brightest from the HaloUT community and members of Project Torlan.

This is for our Community members and those who like HaloUT. If you don't like or agree with what we are doing please do not post negative comments here ... This is for our fans ... Plain and simple. A Free Bonus collection of Great content led of course by Dace's glorious ONS-HUT-Nexus and anchored by robo22's awe-inspiring Oculus maps.

Includes 3 Deathmatch, 3 Capture the Flag, 3 Onslaught and 1 VehicularCTF maps:

DM-HUT-Tubes by dIsPoSeAbLe_HeRo
DM-HUT-Gephyrophilia by dIsPoSeAbLe_HeRo
DM-HUT-BattleCreek by Apo
CTF-HUT-XFire-SE by Brandon Furches
CTF-HUT-StoneFalls by ArcadiaVincennes
CTF-HUT-BattleCreek by Apo
ONS-HUT-Oculus by robo422
ONS-HUT-Nexus by Dace
ONS-HUT-Infestation by robo422
VCTF-HUT-Oculus by robo422

Note: This map pack requires UT2K4 patch 3355 as well as HaloUT Content Pack P1.75 and it's two patches: HaloUT Patch 1.751 for Pack 1.75 and HaloUT Vehicle Patch 1.7511

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 11/16/2005
    • Added: 11/18/2005

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