Game Types
Capture The Flag
Small for 4-10 players
Play Styles

Maul 2005 Competition Edition. This is a more polished version of the stock map CTF-Maul.

- Symmetry type is glide reflection and is exact (except for the shock rifles and shock ammo to match the original). The terrain was centered with G16Ed and then copied and rotated across the x-axis with UTRota. Other objects in the map were copied and rotated across a central pivot with UnrealEd.

- Terrain has been polished. Terrain textures now indicate walkablity for that section.

- Snags in the front opening of the flag bases are eliminated.

- Eliminated other base BSP issues. (Base BSP rebuilt)

- Blocking volumes added to prevent stuck flags and players.

- Brightened some dark areas, flags, etc.

- Other cosmetic changes.

- Spawn points adjusted. Players will no longer spawn next to the Lightning Gun.

- Additional location tags.

- Additional bot paths.

Tags: None

Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 10/11/2005
    • Added: 10/12/2005

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