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Capture The Flag
Medium for 6-8 players
Play Styles

A medium-sized CTF map for 4v4 or 3v3. Industrial-looking, some big rooms, smaller rooms and hallways; some posibilities to choose different paths and other zones where you are obliged to fight; a couple of jumpads and liftjumps, and other peculiar things I wouldn’t like to say... :D

Some notes:
- You won't enjoy this level until you have learnt the layout. The floorplan is not too complex, but you’ll need to play a couple of times to get used to it. So, please, if you don’t like the first time you play it, give it another chance...
- If you get low framerates, set your 'World Detail' settings to low. That might help a bit...

- Big thinks to Hourences for all his visual stuff I've taken to make this map (From DM-Rankin, DM-Redkin and his texture packs 'HourIndusX_UT2004' and 'HourPitores_UT2004').
- Thanks to Angel_Mapper for her awesome 'Reconstruct Effect' idea (and Tutorial).
- Lehmi for some staticmehses from his map 'DM-1on1-Roughinery'.
- HortonsWho for the nice blue version of the stripped texture.
- Blitz for the 'bot-only-kicker' actor.
- Thanks also to everyone that betatested the map and posted feedback in both Unreal Playground and Atari Forums (See readme file)

Changes in this version:
- The 'throw the flag through the reconstructs' exploit has been fixed.

Tags: None

Revision History

  • v1.1
    • Released: 8/22/2005
    • Added: 8/24/2005
  • v1.0
    • Released: 8/13/2005
    • Added: 8/13/2005

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