Coral Crossings


Game Types
Capture The Flag
Medium for 8-12 players
Play Styles

A Shadow shall fall over the universe, and Evil will grow in its path, and Death will come from the skies. Having said that,

U want land? Fight for it! Supershields, kegs o health, and many weapon await your grubby little mitts. The size of the map and subsequent timing requires that all players be vigilant otherwise Flag go BYE BYE. Reports of enemy encampments near your teams forward observer posts have surfaced. As this shipping lane is vital to your teams continued success in this theatre you must defend it at all costs. Once you have defeated the enemy both spiritually and physically Only then can victory be assured. However if you are a Fukin Deezgrace Maybe you should go for a swim with the nice fISHIES?

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Revision History

  • v1.75
    • Released: 5/13/2003
    • Added: 6/15/2004

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