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Bombing Run
Large for 8-20 players
Play Styles
Long Range

Pragmaticus is a new facility built by Liandri based in the old Tournaments just to bring the old fashioned action to the fans.

This one comes in 2 flavors, Capture the Flag and Bombing Run, but maybe later I will release a CTF4 -- I am not sure yet. Map Architecture and forms were inspired by a project I made back in my high school days for the arts discipline. The construction of this was made almost all of BSP with meshes only for decorative details. The map has almost 6000 BSP's and thats why I don't know if I should do a CTF4 version because that would end up with something like 12000 BSP's and thats not very performance friendly.

Guile is the music name composed specially by Vandora for this map. This map was developed under HyperGames2K8 team that supported and tested the map along the way. The author of the Skybox textures his Hazel. Some textures I downloaded from and made them seamless myself but the decals were all made just by me. The custom static meshes were all modeled by me on 3Dsmax.

A little footage of the map on YouTube and you can see the video below.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 4/16/2009
    • Added: 5/10/2009

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