Game Types
Medium for 12-24 players
Play Styles
Long Range

Overlord2k4 is a remake of the original Overlord from UT99. It has been fully adapted for Unreal Tournament 2004. This is my first serious map, so expect there to be LOTS of problems with it. Original map by Dave Ewing.

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Revision History

  • v1.1
    • Released: 5/21/2013
    • Added: 5/24/2013
    • Changes:
      • Removed Karma (physics) objects from the level (fixes online play)
      • Removed the "Get Down!", etc sounds when the barricade is about to be destroyed
      • Removed the Hellbender at the top of the hill in the outside section.
      • Changed the music to AS-Mothership's music
      • Reduced the health of the final cannon by half
      • Reduced the number of turrets available to the defenders on the beach sequence from 6 to 2
  • v1.0
    • Released: 9/10/2004
    • Added: 10/14/2004

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