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"During the war against the Skaarj, Tarydium Mines were high priorities, since Tarydium crystals were a main source for weapons and power. After the war, most of the mines were destroyed to prevent any further mining of Tarydium as well as to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands. Since some of the mines were privately owned a few of the owners refused to shut them down because of the high profit they got off them. They were warned, however, that there is a possibility they may be found by another race, be killed, and have their Tarydium stolen. Such a scenario was never a concern to the owners but to their surprise it became a reality. The Hellions have invaded a mine on the rocky shores of Silex Island. Your goal is to infiltrate the Tarydium mine and destroy the main power generator to prevent any further mining of Tarydium."

An 8-24 player indoor and outdoor day time map. The main objective is to destroy a Tarydium Power Core situated in the deepest of a cavern.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 1/9/2007
    • Added: 12/3/2012

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