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Medium for 8-12 players
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During the height of the Corporation Wars, Liandri scientists created a prototype warship capable of making its own jumps without the need for a jumpgate. Shortly before going into operation, Izanagi spies learned of this prototype jumpship and launched an operation to steal the warship giving the Izanagi Corporation a significant advantage during the Wars. This scenario recreates the historic battle in which Izanagi forces infiltrated the prototype Liandri jumpship, activated its engines and made a successful jump to Izanagi space.

1st revision of Jumpship. I've tested this version on a server running this map for a few hours and didn't have a single crash. So that bug seems to be fixed. Other changes include fixing the particle systems to show up online, removed the grenade launchers, as well as a few other tweaks.

Tags: msuc

Revision History

  • v1.0r1
    • Released: 9/8/2004
    • Added: 9/8/2004
  • v1.0
    • Released: 8/24/2004
    • Added: 8/25/2004

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