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Years ago, rebel forces had captured one of the NEG's communication sites to begin a counterattack within the delta mountain region. Not only did they gain intel on NEG operations, but they began to communicate with other factions to stage a complete retaliation and overthrow the NEG presence in the area. NEG realized they had to retreat from the area and scrap all current operations as the rebels now had access to it. In a heroic move, a few squadrons of the retreating force decided on a spontaneous plan that the rebels wouldn't know about, to take back what was once their own. The plan was conceived in a matter of minutes due to the superior NEG knowledge of the area, that the rebels simply did not have. NEG forces had to act quickly before the rebels coordinated their take over of the region using the communications array. Since NEG had little forces left in the region, and the rebels could easily take it back once again, the plan involved the complete destruction of the communications array. This match is a recreation of that mission.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 9/2/2004
    • Added: 9/3/2004

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